Separate Reality Productions

live concert

…capturing Your reality

My goal with every recording project is to accurately capture the reality the artist is inspired to share with our world. Whether it is a simply tracked stereo live performance, or a complex, layered, multi track event captured in my studio, the end goal is the same- to capture your reality so that you can share it with the world.

Fueled by my infectious love of music, I leverage an assortment of modern and vintage gear to make your project come to life. I constantly strive for a very organic representation of the work beeing presented to me. My ability to understand the desires and intentions of the musician combined with my attention to detail and ear for quality provide results you will be proud of.

In addition to my personal skill set and experience, I’m also able to employee a variety of professional talent, both technical and musical, and leverage project specific insight and technical advise from many leaders of the recording industry. My commitment to excellence, combined with my laid back, patient approach and resonable rates for recording will put you at ease, and bring out your very best.