About Me


I have been recording music for over 30 years…

Growing up surrounded by music, I was given my first recording device by my step father in 1976, the manager of the leading rock music station in Kentucky at the time. His postion in the music industry allowed me to be exposed to live music constantly. With my parents, starting at the age of 4, I attended live music events and am still drawn to the magic that live music provides, typically attending and recording several live shows a month. It was at this early age that I began my quest to capture the magic of music and learn to perform it myself.

In the past seven years, my passion to ACURATELY capture the reality of live performance, in any setting, has been fascilitated by leveraging the modern advances in recording technology. For a resonable investment, I’ve been able to modernize my mobile and studio recording setup to a level of quality that well exceeds that found in most commercial studios just ten years ago. The result is an assortment of profesional equipment that allows me to accurately capture a performance wherever the magic might occur.

Above all else, I absolutely guarantee that you will love working with me…

Project after project, from the studio to major shows at large venues, my attitude, personality and expertise keep my clients at ease, happy, and most importantly, FOCUSED ON THEIR MUSIC!