Live Recording

Record Me Live!

…my live recording philosophy…

I’ve built a reputation for my live recording approach, capturing the live performances of a wide range of genres, in venues ranging from outdoor stadiums, arenas, and theaters to small rock, jazz and blues clubs. I have many amazing recordings of local unknowns as well as Grammy winning artist of world wide acclaim.

My approach is:


1) ULTRA-HIGH QUALITY: I use Earthworks high definition mics, a Grace Audio preamp, and digitally capture it all at better than CD quality. The Earthworks are world renowned for their absolute accuracy. They are quite stunning, exactly representing the event as it happened from 20hz to 20khz. I prefer this approach to the “colored” sound characteristics of virtually every other mic on the market, regardless of price. With a pure recording of the event, we are always free to later EQ, or make other sonic adjustments if so desired.

CLICK HERE: Earthworks High Definition Microphones – for more information

I chose the Grace lunatecV3 2-channel microphone preamplifier with 24/192 AD Converter primarily because they are regarded as the finest portable preamps and analog to digital converters in the world. The depth, clarity and realism the Lunatec V3 delivers is stunning. The amazing preamps of the V3 and its AD conversion stage make all the difference between a good recording and an amazing representation of a musical event.

CLICK HERE: Grace lunatecV3 – for more information

2) SIMPLE: My set up is extremely portable and very unobtrusive. I’m able to fit a truely world class studio setup in less than 3 square feet, and run off of battery power for over 14 hours. I typically make ambient recordings from the best sounding spot in the room, and stay out of everyone’s way since I don’t need direct mics, board feeds, or other typically problematic sources.

3) INEXPENSIVE: With my low profile approach, I’m able to get great recordings with virtually no additional effort on the part of the musicians. You just show up and play, and at the end of the night, we have a better than CD quality recording of the show. I’ve had several clients use this convenient alternative to multi-track live or studio recording to quickly produce a live album for sale, demos, and more.

My goal with every recording project is to accurately capture the reality the artist is inspired to share with our world.

Samples coming soon…